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The most daunting thing about making a benefit claim is you are deemed to be guilty of lying about your condition until you can prove otherwise. This is one of the most devastating reasons why some people do not make a claim at all.

Some applicants ask for the claim form and when they see the sheer size of it, the lack of motivation, energy and rising stress levels stop them from completing the form, and if they do try to complete the forms, they find that DWP may not have fully understood their difficulties and the difficulties and reject their claim.

They are made to believe that awards are strictly based on evidence to be provided by health professionals whether it be from GP records, specialist input, or by DWPs own health professional reports.

The questions the DWP health professional asks may not be evidenced on the GP or specialist records.

The DWP assessments tend not to accurately reflect the way the conditions affect the applicant daily.

This causes a “checkmate” effect for the applicant where they feel there is nowhere else to turn and do not continue to pursue their claim any further.

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