Who do we help

We are an open to all who need our help, with no diversity restrictions. Our clients range from low income, disabled or they are carers and appointees of a child, friend or family member who is elderly or disabled and need help. Our clients may have physical, mental or both issues and need help and guidance on how to make a successful application to DWP.

They may have tried to make a claim by themselves and not been awarded and still feel as though they have a claim but do not know how to take the next steps to making a claim. They may have taken it as far as Tribunal and still, not been awarded and realise, that they need specialist input but do not have the money to pay upfront fees.

Received a bill for over 9k in housing benefit overpayment that I did not owe, My Benefit Claim established that it was the fault of DWP failure to advise me correctly and made a complaint on my behalf. Subsequently Housing benefit paid 12k to UC on my behalf clearing the arears. Adrianna

Made a claim for my grandfather the claim to a long time and went to court, they stayed with us all the way threw it taking away the stress of making a claim. Eddy

Thank you so much for helping me to claim PIP there is no way I could do it by myself. I would recommend this company to everyone who need help to claim they are really friendly, and they know a lot. Coutney

I had unsuccessfully claimed before, but My Benefit Claim got it through the second time, they help me with claim form and even attended the assessment with me, I realised where I went wrong the first time. Now, I get standard rate daily living and mobility and got £900 + back pay it went through really quick Moreen

The support from the advisor helped me to get through the anxiety of making a claim and a voice to explain how my health is impacted daily. The assistance was invaluable because it allowed me to complete my form in stages which stopped me from becoming overwhelmed which usually led to flare ups. I won my case and was awarded enhanced daily living and Standard mobility with just under 4k back pay. Wendy

Claimed for my grandmother, they were friendly and patient great service. They helped me with the appeal and my gran got high rate – thank you so much. Sheila

Even though I had all the evidence they still denied my claim, I didn’t know what to do next, and almost gave up but after speaking to My Benefit Claim it made perfect sense to get them to help me as I had nothing to lose except for a years’ worth of benefit if I didn’t Try. I was awarded Enhance care and mobility and got over 9K back pay. Paula

With stress, anxiety and chronic pain, I found your assistance to be a blessing in disguise. The adviser put me at ease and gave me the time and help I needed to be able to make my claim. All achieved with empathy, understanding, and a smile. Adrian